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Our certified teachers have university degrees in Education, English, Chinese, or concentrations that qualify them to become teachers and also additional certifications in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.
About Mando MandarinĂ­s rigorously-trained teachers:
* Bilingual and LIVE from China via webcams
* Expert in Hanban teaching methodology
* Passionate, captivating, and full of positive energy
* Great with English-speaking (American / Western) students
* Tremendous experience teaching students from around the world
Each new teacher goes through Mando MandarinĂ­s exclusive three-month qualification and training program. We make sure to carefully select, hire, and train each teacher to ensure our students get only the BEST.
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“I’m in love with all the different languages and cultures in this world. But besides language, I am also very interested in business. I studied International Trading and International Marketing, so not only do I enjoy teaching students of all ages and levels, but I very much enjoy teaching Business Chinese. Some of my previous students have been real estate investors and internet entrepreneurs. My hobbies are traveling, music, and learning about fascinating cultures. As for my teaching style, I think I’m a very lively and open-minded person, so my students always feel comfortable during lessons, which makes their learning enjoyable.”

Ciel Chan

“I majored in International Chinese Education at Northeast Normal University. I enjoy discussing many things with my students, such as books, sports, culture, film, and a little bit of politics and history. I've been told that I'm good at getting a point across to people. My interests are Tai Chi (I'm a Tai Chi instructor too) basketball, ping-pong, skating, reading, and pets! My students and I always talk about anything they are interested in. I tend to make a lot of jokes and make learning Chinese as fun as possible for my students. If you end up taking a class with me, don't be surprised to hear yourself say, 'Nancy, class was so fun!' ”

Nancy Zheng

“Although I majored in English at East China University, my profession has always been teaching Chinese. Students say I'm full of very interesting ideas and I know how to motivate them to learn effectively because I'm very experienced (I have taught over thirty students 1-on-1). I enjoy traveling, movies, and music. I believe students can learn the most when they also are having a good time learning - this is my focus.”

Gillian Ji

“I graduated magna cum laude from Nanjing Audit University with B.A. in English and Literature. I am interested in languages, cultures, books, music, movies, and meeting people. ‘Seize the day’ is my favorite motto, although we also know ‘c’est la vie’ -- a positive attitude always makes a difference! If you happen to take classes with me, you’ll meet a dynamic personality with lessons that are always vivid and full of fun - which I promise will motivate you to learn more Chinese!”

Cherry Maa

“Besides being equipped with professional knowledge and experience in teaching Mandarin, I have been an online Chinese teacher for quite some time. I majored in English at Shanghai University. My lessons are usually teeming with liveliness and laughter as I present various language points to my students. I’m very interested in music, especially the piano -- I’m a 10th level pianist from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Being a musician has taught me the skills to be a teacher that’s full of youthful energy, patience, and versatility. I am very much looking forward to exploring the profound Chinese culture together with you in an interactive and fun environment! Cya!”

Cherry Zhu

“My focus at Xi’an Language University was International Chinese Education. Studying and teaching Chinese is my top interest. I want to show others how much fun it can be to learn about Chinese language and culture! I also like to talk about history, geography, traveling, and world cultures - so during my classes, I’d really enjoy teaching you how to chat about these topics in Chinese! I am a very patient teacher, and my lessons are very professional but also very pleasant at the same time.”

Candy Ding

“I graduated from Henan Normal University with a major of English Education. I enjoy teaching foreigners Chinese through our unique teaching method and style. In our class, language learning becomes a lot of fun. Besides teaching, I like traveling. During trips, one can get to know new friends from different places and learn about their cultures. I enjoy talking with my students in Chinese about what I have seen and learned in my travels. It makes our conversations more natural, and more interesting for them to learn.”

Cathy Zhang

“I graduated from Shanghai Finance University with a major in Bilingual International Finance and a Chinese teaching certificate. I have been teaching Mandarin for two years and really enjoy it! It’s great to meet new people all the time. I also combine my interests in International Finance with teaching. Business Chinese can be complicated but I can make it fun and easy to learn! My students like to joke around with me and my class atmosphere is relaxed and fun. I am interested in different cultures, watching movies, traveling and learning new things. I enjoy helping people explore Chinese culture and Chinese customs.”

Jenny Xu

“My major was Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in my university, and I am now studying for a Master’s Degree in Philosophy at the Shanghai Normal University. I am very interested in Western culture. My students and I always discuss a lot of interesting topics. I am hospitable and optimistic. I like music, reading and traveling. If you hear my students say it is interesting and really lively to have a class with RITA, don’t be surprised. Haha!”

Rita Guo

“I majored in English at Henan University of Industry. I have always been very interested in the cultures of different countries. That’s why I love teaching Chinese so much. I teach in a professional method, very similar to other teachers from our school, but you’ll also experience my special style in my class. I have several diverse interests and therefore we can chat about just about any topic to help you practice Chinese. Learning Chinese becomes much more comfortable and natural with me.”

Silvia Ding

“I studied in Shanghai Industry and Foreign Language College. My major was German and English. I like to hang out with friends, watch movies and travel around. I’d like to make friends with more foreigners to exchange cultures and tell them more about China. I have been teaching Mandarin for two years, and I’m really enjoying it!”

Vivian Yang

“I majored in Business English at Huanghuai University. I believe ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ I choose to teach Mandarin due to a rich personal interest and the challenge. My Chinese Classes are always interesting and full of fun. When my students say to me, ‘You are really a good teacher, I love your class’, I makes me feel like the happiest person in the world. Therefore, I make sure to teach very enjoyable and interesting lessons, so I can feel great too! I am an active girl and my hobbies are traveling, playing sports and reading novels. So if I am your teacher, you can be sure you will have a very lively Chinese class!”

Sophie Wu

“I’ve got a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Shanghai, Science and Technology. During my spare time, I like reading, traveling, listening to music, doing yoga, and participating in doing charity affairs. Teaching and learning Chinese is a good way of cultural communication, and is a good way of getting to know people. I will make sure you will learn more than just language from this course. At the end of our course, I’ll make sure you can really communicate with local people in China. As for my teaching style, I may be strict; but you’ll like it, because I can also be a lot of fun!”

Abby Zhang

“I graduated from Zhengzhou University and my major is Business English. I am a person full of passion and I always try to make my classes as lively as possible. My hobbies and interests are broad and actually there is no topic I wouldn’t like to talk about. I will give lessons to students in what fits in their life and needs well. And my students say I am funny and we often burst into laughter when having lessons. The goal I set for my class is to help students learn the most useful and practical things in a fun way!”

Victoria Li

“I wish I could travel around the world and talk with the people all over the world, because I am interested in all kinds of languages and cultures. I’m so excited to share the Chinese language and culture with Westerners! My majors are Educational Psychology and International Chinese Education. I love traveling, singing, dancing and reading, and students say I’m the happiest person in this world and that they have a greater passion to learn Chinese when they take lessons with me! Being passionate about learning makes it so much easier!”

Vicky Chen

“As a senior student in East China Normal University, I have taught Mandarin for several years. I majored in International Economics and Trade. Due to my one-year foreign exchange experience in Germany, I know exactly how important it is to learn a foreign language. My students speak highly of my Mandarin lessons, because I’m patient and experienced, and I teach you how to speak properly while also making the class relaxing and full of fun. I love music, traveling, reading and hanging out with friends.”

Izzy Qian

Coming Soon!

Christine Li

Coming soon!

Lisa Hu

“I am more than a teacher; I am also a guide, and my job is to lead you into the amazing world of Mandarin. Once I know where you want to go, I can work with you to determine the most efficient, comfortable and interesting path for you to get there. It has been said that it’s not the destination that matters most, but itrsquo;s how you enjoy the view along the way. So follow me, and I will show you the beauty of Mandarin.”

Loli Qiu

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Mandarin Chinese has become a much more relevant language recently. As educators we'd like to provide children with cultural sensitivity

We specialize in teaching Chinese language and culture online. Using webcams and virtual classrooms, we connect individuals, schools, and businesses to our certified teachers who are located in China. Lessons are taught in real-time by highly trained instructors. Each lesson is recorded, and our students can watch the video recordings at any time.

We have taught over 1100 students from around the world; over 500 have come from 40 public and private schools in the US.

We currently offer both Group and 1-on-1 lessons.
Latest Tweets
“I have been traveling to China for 10 years and I learned more Chinese with Mando Mandarin in one lesson than I did in all those visits. My Mandarin teacher is helpful, professional, patient, and very efficient. The online teaching method, with video and conversation makes it a fast and easy way to learn this language..”
Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International
“Mando Mandarin has been great. The kids are excited, they love the homework, and they love the teachers. It's been so successful that our Spanish teachers wish they had something like this for Spanish. I'm overly-pleased about it. The main thing is that the kids are really happy about it. One of the kids even wrote a letter to The Minnetonka School Board to thank us for how much Mando Mandarin has done for him. I've been thrilled with what you guys have done....“
Joe Wacker
(Principal at Scenic Heights Elementary School, MN)
“It's about time someone bridged the divide, offered structural cost savings on Chinese lessons to people in the West, and brought real Mandarin learning opportunities to anyone's home and office.....”
Daniel Smith, Chairman of the China NLP Society
“I am a professor at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Two-thirds of my students and several of my close friends are from China, which is why I am interested in learning the language. I also have taught English in Beijing before where knowing Chinese would come in handy. I spend a lot of time traveling and Mando Mandarin offers the flexibility which allows me to take lessons whenever I want to. It is also relatively cheap and my teacher chooses topics....”
David P.
(University Professor in Missouri)
“Students are saying Chinese is their favorite class... Mando Mandarin is the talk of the school this year!“
Geoffrey Hoebbel
(Foreign Language Director at St. Gertrude School, OH)
“Most schools don't teach Chinese, which is a shame because the students' curiosity and desire to learn is there now. Students are eager to learn and are capable of learning a language that's very empowering to them.“
Robert Elsinger
(Teacher at Florence Nightingale Middle School, CA)
“This program is really great because it teaches kids that you can learn other languages and it's not that hard.“
Student at St. Gertrude School in Cincinnati, OH
I think that [the students] really seem to enjoy it. This is one of the classes where you see a lot of interaction and they're talking to each other in fun ways.
Elaine Nolte
(Assistant Principal at St. Gertrude School in Cincinnati, OH)
“The class is excellent! I can tell parents how much the students enjoy the learning and the personal relationship with Ms. Zhou. They are learning quickly and some students already plan on taking Chinese as a language in high school. Thank you for making it possible!“
Joy Keller
(Teacher at The Pen Ryn School)
“You hear how the word is pronounced correctly from another person who is fluent in Chinese and just learning so much in Chinese, it's really cool.“
Student at St. Gertrude School
“[Mando Mandarin] has been very easy to work with, very flexible, very adaptable; everything that I have been promised has in fact happened. There have been no technology challenges of any sort, it feels like the person is right in the next room as opposed to halfway around the world. Clearly they're very competent not only in Chinese but their facility in English....“
Diane Laake
(Principal at Mother of Mercy HS in Cincinnati (A Blue Ribbon School of Excellence), OH)
“With Mando Mandarin I'm genuinely shocked to say that I've been learning at a pace faster than when I was taking classes with other schools before. I think what makes their style of teaching effective is a combination of the teacher and the online learning. My teacher is young, interesting, and in general, a really outgoing and cool
person who takes a real interest in my progress. I think that's what helps me keep focused on the lessons and makes me look forward to my next lesson....“
Michael L.
(Business Owner, New York, NY)
"Ultimately, I chose Mando Mandarin for two main reasons: 1) it's much cheaper than comparable face-to-face lessons, and 2) it's really convenient, since I can do it from my laptop rather than traveling to [class]. I am happy to say it has surpassed my expectations. My teacher reviews learning materials with me every week, and clearly and
patiently explains the grammar and vocabulary. Then, we talk about topics I'm interested in, keeping my interest level high during the lesson and giving me relevant chunks of language that I'll use later....“
Ana K.
(Student, NY)
"I am a Fashion Designer born in Canton, China, raised in New York and speak fluent English and Cantonese. Cantonese is sufficient for parts of New York but since it's not the predominant language in China, so more people understand Mandarin than Cantonese. That's one of the reasons why I am learning Mandarin Chinese. I have plans to move to China in the near future and this surely will be of great use. I've been a student of Mando Mandarin for almost a year now....“
Hui Lan W.
(Business Owner, NY)
"My Chinese has reached a level I never thought possible unless I moved to China. When I was in college I had taken Chinese, but I did not learn very much. Traditional teaching forced me to memorize words and produced little results. The Mando Method was so different. All my lessons were based on everyday topics and gave me enough time to actually use my newly learned Chinese in private conversations. This permanently ingrained the language in my head....“
Jon P.
(Business Owner, Dallas, TX)
"At first, I was skeptical about signing my daughter up for an online course. Since Chinese courses at Sandy's school were full, we decided it would not hurt to try a free lesson with Mando. After her first lesson, Sandy said she really enjoyed it. Now it has been just two months, and I am so proud that she can say so many things in Chinese. Mando has made my life easier. My daughter learns from home so I never have to rush home from work to drive her to class“
Melissa W.
(Parent, New York, NY)
"I started with Mando Mandarin to improve my speaking and to supplement what I had already learned with my previous Chinese lessons. I must say that I have been more than satisfied with the quality of the instruction, and the one on one attention I had received from my instructor Izzy. I have been thrilled with Mando Mandarin and I will continue to expand my Mandarin education further. For the price you pay, you can't beat the value.“
Michael L.
(Business Owner, New York, NY)
"We chose to work with Mando Mandarin for a few reasons. The first is the superior customer service we received from Mr. Mike Cheng. All of the information was organized, clear, and all of our questions were answered completely and in a timely manner. It was quite a refreshingly simple process! The other reason we chose Mando Mandarin was the format of the class. For our digital age learners and the set up of our school, a computer/ web based program meets.... “
Erika Fosgreen
(Program Coordinator, Imagine Prepatory at Surprise, AZ)
"We love the program, the teacher is amazing, and the collaboration is really strong! We will continue to work with Mando Mandarin because your program is so strong... And actually, our on-site Chinese teacher learned a lot from the new activities, games, and methods for teaching Chinese from your teacher.“
Jennifer Zinn, Founding Principal of Global Learning Collaborative, NYC Dept of Education
"Mando Mandarin is a fantastic program - it is effective, affordable and offers students both scheduling and content flexibility. I can't think of a better way to approach learning a very difficult language!“
Lara Gaumert, Student (adult beginner) (888) 51-MANDO SkypeID: MandoMandarin